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Sea protagonista en contenido tecnológico de alta calidad en la Hospitalar, uno de los principales eventos de salud del mundo con 1.200 marcas expositoras de 38 países.
Vea su contenido y marca asociados a renombrados speakers nacionales e internacionales y promueva su empresa por medio de material publicitario durante el foro.

Amplie la visibilidad de su marca en los meses que anteceden al evento, y después, por medio de acciones de marketing digital y en las más relevantes publicaciones del sector.

Garantice su lugar en el área de tecnología y aproveche las más de 90 mil visitas profesionales del evento.
Apresente sus innovaciones y soluciones, amplíe su networking y desarrolle nuevas alianzas.
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International Digital Healthcare Forum 2017

The Forum Program is divided into 8 Thematic Verticals, grouping together dozens of technological vectors.

There will be more than 60 lectures and 8 debates between May 16th and 19th 2017, within HOSPITALAR Fair.

The event will see the participation of 35 international panelists presenting specialized content with the best practices, products and Digital Healthcare services available in the world.

Video and Audio will be transmitted at the Fair (Live Stream) so that thousands of attendees can watch the Forum and become familiar with the sponsor brands (more than 90,000 attendees in 2016).

The Digital Healthcare Forum 2017 Program takes in the discussion of Case Studies, debate on themes and contextualization of Information and Communications Technology in Healthcare (eHealth).

The aim is to mix technological concepts, market trends and innovative ideas that are making a difference in Healthcare Systems around the world.

Contenido del Foro 2017

Innovation Solutions for Hospital Chain

The world of Technological Solutions for Hospitals and other players that are involved in the Hospital Chain is ever more dynamic, innovative and integrated.

The solutions theme at Digital Healthcare for this segment involves HIS (Hospital Information Systems) platforms, EHR (Electronic Health Records), Medical Speech Recognition, Medical Call Center, Decision Support Systems, Hospital Cloud Platform, Big Data Solutions, Data Analytics, PACS, 3D Printers, Digital Surgical Training and a number of other elements within eHealth, that are part of the organization and administration of Hospitals as much as in the clinical area.

The Vertical theme is about advances in these various “routes, Case Studies, emerging technologies and mid-and long-term trends.
Venture Capital Supporting eHealth Revolution

There are few emerging innovations in Digital Healthcare that are not underpinned by Venture Capital Funds (VC), derived from a solid chain that goes from the State (public funds), through the Banking sector and then through Private Investment Funds (angels, incubators, accelerators, private equity, capital managers, etc).

Even the big players in the technology industry are investing heavily in VC in the area of eHealth (Google, Microsoft, Telefonica, SAP, etc.).

The Vertical is one of the most important ones at the Forum because Brazil has an enormous lack of risk investment in innovation and needs to take part actively in worldwide medical services chains, this being one of the ways to reduce its gap in care.
TeleHealth, MedDevices and mHealth

Remotelization is revolutionizing relationships between patients/consumers and the Healthcare sector. Few areas are growing as fast in Digital Healthcare as much as the TeleHealth segment, broadening considerably forms, processes and models of remote care.

This expansion is remodeling Healthcare Systems across the world, bringing about reduction in cost and greater convenience to the end-user.

The growth in the industry is no less in medical devices and equipment, which is being boosted by nanotechnology, which is bringing a huge number of services to the market such as: Teleconsultation, eVisit, Remote Telemonitoring, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Chronic Disease Devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables and hundreds of new applications.
Consumerization of Healthcare

Consumerization Vertical continues to expand considerably. Patient engagement has brought about huge technological advances, increasing the range of products and services for self-care and well-being.

A recent survey by PWC showed that more than 50% of those interviewed feel comfortable sending a digital photo of a skin problem, for example, so that they can be given an opinion.

For this, an immense quantity of devices, mHealth-apps, sensors, biosensors, wearables, stretchable electronics, etc. are occupying for space among the priorities of consumers, notwithstanding of many these products don’t get through the filter of the Healthcare Chain.
Healthcare Privacy & Security

With a growing demand for technology aimed at Healthcare, the importance of data security and the privacy of patients is growing.

Establish and implement rules, models and tools that increase the reliability and exactness of data, principally those originating from Electronic Medical Records, is a key issue for the Digital Healthcare industry.

Likewise, the Vertical is looking to map and debate the prevention of “cyberattacks” in its various modalities and targets that exist within the Healthcare environment.

A survey by the consultancy company Accenture shows that 1 in every 13 patients in the USA will have their data compromised by hackers in the next 5 years.

It has become imperative, principally in the hospital environment, to implement a set of practices solutions that are aimed at protecting patients’ clinical data.
Health Interoperability Challengers

The exchange of clinical information is one of the big challenges of the 21st Century. The lack of interoperability between medical applications is still one of the elements that creates problems for efficiency and cost-effectiveness within Healthcare Systems.

In this context, this theme will bring a panel on the various aspects that involve in the barriers and opportunities to achieve systemic integration in the world of Healthcare, such as: legitimization of data standards; State privacy regulations; semantics and ontology in the Electronic Health Records, etc.

As well as showing how Brazil is advancing in this area, the theme will also see debate on new technologies and approaches that are appearing in the sector, such as, for example, the blockchain concept.
EHR – New Generation & Best Implementations

Even in Brazil, little doubt exists about the importance of Electronic Health Records (HER) for the effectiveness and sustainability of Healthcare Systems (public and private).

The last two decades have shown that almost all nations are focused on setting up Electronic Health Records, using any of their many conceptual and technological typologies.

With the huge effort that currently being made by the Brazilian Government in EHR, the Forum will bring various examples of policies and models for EHR tools being used around the world.

Likewise, the Vertical aims to show examples of success and failure in the implementation of digital records solutions, with their various impacts in the Health Chain.
El eHealth 2017 será un gran hito en la cadena médica. No se quede afuera de ese importante evento.
Inscríbase para participar del Foro.

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Pharma Demand-driven

The theme of ePharma is divided into two sections:

(1) Demand-driven Pharma Systems, whose purpose is to expose problems and solutions in eHealth for the management of demand within the Healthcare Chain. Debate on some of the areas connected to access to medication, such as: ePrescription, Drugs Logistics Systems, Customer-Driven Medication, etc.

(2) Drug Delivery, which refers to treatment and procedures that allow a drug to be “liberated” within the human body as close as possible to the place where the illness is concentrated. This action avoids various side effects, when medications are “administered locally” and not “systemically”.
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Conferencistas edición 2016

Steve McMahon
Systems Integration - Deloitte
Chris Gough
Lead Solutions Architect, Intel Health & Life Sciences
Dr. Qi Li
Dr. Dietrich Baumgart
Chief Cardiologist - Preventicum
Krish Surendran
Lieven Hermans
Director Healthcare - Agfa Healthcare
Guilherme S. Hummel
Head Mentor EMI
eHealth Mentor Institute
Tobias Zobel
Director - ZiMT
Justus Wolff
Managing Partner - SYTE Institute
Camila Navarro
IT Digital and Innovation Manager da BAYER
Bruno Soares
CEO da Coimbra Genomics
Rafael Kellermann Barbosa
Diretor Novos Negócios - Bionexo 5YFN
Ann De Roose
Business Division Manager - Agfa Healthcare
Rodrigo T. Aquino
CEO - Intensicare
Michael Kapps
CEO - TNH Digital Health
Marcelo Schneider
Diretor Regional Saluspot Telefonica
Dr. Andreas Keck
CEO - SYTE Institute
Dr. Luiz Arnolo Haertel
Diretor Médico da PHILIPS

Fabio Scopeta
Latin America Leader - IBM Watson Health
Greg Caressi
VP Healthcare - Frost & Sullivan
Fabio Andreotti
Head of Lat. America - Google
César Berardini
LatAm Innovation Manager - GrupoDatco
Roman Romancni
Head App Analytics - NOKIA
Dra. Beatriz de Faria Leão
Presidente SBIS
Rita Ragazzi
Guilherme Rabello
Diretor Comercial e Inteligência de Mercado - InovaIncor
Erico Melhado
Diretor Saluspot Telefonica
Nicolas Toth Jr
Managing Director for Latin America Healthways
Daurio Speranzini Jr
Presidente e CEO - GE Healthcare

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